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When I grow up

I wanna be gay

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Why is it New Mexico seems to be void of places for us queers to get togeather and hmm, I dono HANGOUT?? Well I've decided I'm sick of it and have opened this community for the gay and lesbians of new mexico to get togeather and meet new people.. Maybe even the love of their life.. So if your a resident of New Mexico and find the opposit sex to your enjoyment please join us .

1. Please let's be respectful
2. Keep all pictures in a cut
3. Were not all looking for hookups here..
please keep all hookup posts in the cut
4. please any sex related post all need to be behind a cut
5. At least one post per week even if its to tell of an event, or about your life.. Just post.

Breaking of these rules will result in at first a warning and then removal.

Pst.. I just love the cut ;x